Cosmetic Facial Surgery New Jersey: Lift, Rejuvenate, Maintain


People change. People grow. People get old. It is the kind of human cycle no one can ever change. We start to get too tired of the things we used to do when we are young. Also, get too stressed out at work and we begin to disregard our appearance just because you think no one would ever take a minute to look at you.

Think about this—why hurry yourself to getting old when there’s still time to rejuvenate and beautify ourselves? You may be old, but that does not mean you are not worth a look. There are many women out there who stopped working but still maintain the beauty they have just to look good even if they just stay at home all day.

There are a lot of facial cosmetic surgery in New Jersey that were up for business because of those women who believes maintaining beauty is the best thing they can ever do for themselves. Facelifts that takes away your saggy and unhealthy face, facial rejuvenation that brightens up your skin and other services for age defying and acne removal.

Dr. Jeffrey Wise, a facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey, regularly performs facelift to men and women who wish to achieve complete rejuvenation.  In this commonly based process, cosmetic facial surgery patients go through four combined procedures to pull off a close to perfect the beautiful face.


In this cosmetic plastic surgery process, the loose tissues in the neck, lower face and jawline were tightened by lifting slump tissue and remove excess skin to maintain a younger looking skin. It is like everything was back to where it should be, and the add-ons were taken away from its antique box.

Laser Resurfacing

People would think this kind of process is painful, but apparently, it’s not. It just exposes you to a technologically advanced fractional CO2 laser heat that improves your fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation irregularities on the face. At the same time, it tightens up your skin in the neck and jawline.

Fat Transfer

Now this is where the fun starts to come in. We cannot deny the fact that there is excess fat that messes up our body features. These needed to be removed from our bodies or at least transferred to a place that needed fat tissues in our skin. The fat transfer also restores volume in your fine lines, wrinkles, cheeks and creases that are the primary skin deformation that ruined your younger looking face.

Eyelid Surgery

Last but not the least is the eyelid surgery. It would never be proportional if we get almost every part of our face and forget the most important and most exposed part of the face that is our eyelids. People look us in our eyes, not in other parts of our body that got fixed. Funny but that is a reality. This procedure again takes away excess and sagging fat in our eyelids. Removing them would make you look fresh and younger than your age.

There is nothing wrong in keeping your skin healthy by rejuvenating and undergoing several age-defying procedures. The intention was quite clear for you and everyone else who cares for you as long as whatever you do to yourself is safe and tested by the best surgeons in the entire world.

Cosmetic facial surgery in New Jersey has become a good business not just for the doctors but also for the patients who were ensured with the satisfaction they will guarantee it. Then again, it is not too late to give it a try by rewarding yourself a pamper session by availing this kind of service offered by plastic surgeons.